by on May 8, 2020
one. Protection issues in the course of action of lithium ion battery screening, production, transportation and use Basic safety is to know no matter whether the material (pure matter) or its elements (mixtures) are flammable, explosive, reactive, ailment-leading to, very toxic, radioactive, corrosive, environmentally polluting, etcetera . The transporter (may leak), the operator (might speak to), the close item consumer (use basic safety), and of study course environmental security. two. Methods to security troubles The solution to the security dilemma of lithium ion batteries is generally in the exam and generation process. Because of to the very higher oxidizability of lithium steel to water vapor and innovative technology glovebox oxygen, the primary ailments and products requirements for the progress of lithium ion polymer batteries are pretty rigid, irrespective of previous screening or assembly, they have to be in water and oxygen concentration Carried out in particularly small atmosphere, this kind of as glove box water, oxygen concentration is less than 1PPM. In the production approach of lithium batteries, drinking water is the biggest enemy. Water may possibly decompose the electrolyte and have an impact on the effectiveness of the battery. H2o will also respond with the favourable and destructive elements, so when filling the battery, it needs to be carried out in a glove box with a low dampness material, and it can only be taken out of the glove box following filling and sealing. 3. Relevant safety steps — test gear (running atmosphere Etelux glove box is also named super clear glove box. The structure efficiency of the glove box is to management the atmosphere to oxygen content <1ppm and water content <1ppm. This process is achieved through an air purification system equipped with automatic valves and easy to install.
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